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Claire Miller has more than 35 years of experience immersed in complex operating environments where policy, politics, community values, ecological sustainability and economic imperatives clash.

In this hotly contested environment, Claire has dealt with a wide range of controversial policy issues, including water, climate change and energy, environment, agriculture and regional development, employment, onshore gas mining, and planning. 

With a background as an award-winning journalist, ministerial policy adviser and industry strategist, Claire has a unique set of skills and expertise to help clients understand and navigate complex policy issues and processes shaping their operating environment.

Core offerings

  • Research and analysis
  • Strategic engagement
  • Communication strategy and materials
  • Submissions, issues briefings




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The Sankofa bird is a Ghanan tribal symbol. It represents learning from the past to succeed in the future.

At Claire Miller Consulting, we deliver forward-looking, lasting and tangible outcomes for our clients, based on the bedrock of experience and expertise.

Areas of Practice

Public Policy

Public policy reform is rarely straightforward. Good policy takes time to develop, implement and reform. And it is usually undertaken under pressure from competing interests in an ever changing political and cultural landscape. Understanding how the many moving parts come together and decisions are made is vital to deliver the best possible outcomes for communities, industry and the environment. It's a fine line to get the balance right. 



Strategic Engagement

Good policy positions based on evidence are no good to anyone if the decision-makers don't know about them, or aren't listening. Strategic engagement  through formal and informal consultation and other processes ensures decision-makers and other stakeholders understand the full picture. That's where we come in.


Climate change and energy



Effective communication is vital when you have a story to tell, or a case to make. Keep the messages simple, keep them interesting, and keep them coming. And know that behind the stories stands the weight of solid research and experience.  Whatever the medium, your messages will cut through the white noise of the information age.


Regional development